About JCE Institute

Education is a companion which, no future can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate and no nepotism can enslave.

The Institute

Janki College of Education run by Guardian and Guide Education Society

Teacher’s play a vital role in a student’s life. It’s a teacher who guides a student through his or her career. So it is significant to be adequately equipped with resources that will create the teacher an ideal role model to the students. To achieve this D.ED, B.ED or M.ED courses are introduces, which will teach a person about teaching and the different aspects associated with it.

The College is established in the year 2011 by Mrs. Janki Agrawal, a woman of simple living and high thinking, She influenced to imprint her vision and laid the foundation for the concept of ‘family and togetherness’. The college achieved an enviable position as one of the best colleges of education in the Sahed Nand Kumar Patel University, Raigarh . Library is well stocked with recent and modern books on education and research. Nearly 25 journals and periodicals on teacher education have been subscribed. Reading room facilities are available. The Psychology Laboratory is well equipped with nature and demand of B.Ed. Syllabus.

JCE Institute run by B.Sc (Maths & Biology), B.Com & BA Courses.

The faculty members are skilled, qualified and well experienced in their respective discipline. Students and teachers are always deputed to participate in academic seminars, workshops etc. The co-curricular activities need a special mention here. Management is very much alert and co-operative to satisfy the academic needs of the students. Moreover, the management constantly encourages staff members to enrich their professional development and efficiency.