Education is a companion which, no future can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate and no nepotism can enslave.

Governing Body

The Governing Body is the executive committee of the Janki College of Education. The board meets at regular intervals to resolve various issues pertinent to the general functioning of the institute. The body is also responsible for the final administrative decisions. It comprises of 10 members with some permanent and the remaining elected on a term basis. They decide and lay down the Rules and Regulations for various functional blocks of the institution and also draft a meticulously planned agenda sheet for the following academic year.

Management Team

S No Name Designation Photograph
1   Mrs. Janki Agrawal Founder Member

2   Mrs. Sangeeta Maheswari
  (M.A Economics )

3   Mrs.(Dr.) Santosh Rani Agrawal
  (M.Sc, PhD) (Gold Medalist)

4   Ms. Tripti Agrawal
  (B.E, MBA) (Gold Medalist)

5   Dr. Ravindra Kumar Gupta
  (M.Sc, M.Phil, PhD)

6   Mr. Gopiram Thetwar, Rt. NCC Director

7   Mr. Vijay Sharma, Rt. Teacher Director

8   Mr. Vinod Shadhangi, Lecturer Director