About Institute

Education is a companion which, no future can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate and no nepotism can enslave.

About JCE

Janki College of Education run by Guardian and Guide Education Society

Janki College of Education is an unaided private institution running under Guardian and Guide Education Society. It encourages students to pursue academic excellence and grow as a confident educationalist of tomorrow. We give student-centric services and programmes, which help them to grow a rich academic and social environment. The National Policy on Education (1986) and its revised version (1992) says that the status of teachers reflects the socio-cultural philosophy of a society. Our mission is to provide quality in education; it will help students excel in a multi-cultural and diverse milieu.

The academic infrastructure provides a complete set of lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, drawing hall, laboratories, and Faculty & HOD offices. It also includes a Conference Hall capable of accommodating over 130 students with acoustics and Audio–Video facilities. Elegantly designed comfortable furniture in the spacious, ventilated and well-lit classrooms provides the students the comfort needed for a stimulating learning experience. We incorporate deep academic insights and technical knowledge among its pupils but also lay down an acute sense of Indian values and ethos.

We encourage our students to take up various co-curricular activities to build a well-rounded personality. Special Personality Development programmes are incorporated to provide counseling in various aspects of college and academic life. We exhort the students to hone their talents and appreciate their efforts for becoming a scintillating star.